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October 26

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Jesus Christ Yesterday - Part I

The Family Meal

Jesus Christ Yesterday - Part II

1      When the Fog Finally Lifts

Coming to a realization of what really counts in life produces tremendous peace of mind and genuine hope! From God's Word, Charles E. Bryce lays out the guiding principles to productive, abundant living!

2      America the Beautiful, the Hated, the Isolated

The inauguration of President Barack Obama was surrounded by a feeling of hope for a new direction for the United States. Will his presidency see a renewal of American power and prestige? What will determine the course of America’s future?

3      Effectual, Fervent Prayer 50:22

How many of our prayers have been answered? Prayer can be a very beneficial and effective tool but it must be used correctly. The Bible gives specific instruction on how we should communicate with the Great God and what we must do so our prayers will avail much.