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February 7

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God's Law and Family Potential

Mind Your Manners

God Is Stirring Up His People

1      For the Love of Money

As the global economy continues to falter, it is becoming increasingly evident that a selfish pursuit of riches has played a large role in bringing us to this point. Why are people not content with having their needs met? Why are some billionaires while others cannot feed their children? Can humanity ever outgrow greed?

2      The Nature of Animals

The popularity of television shows showing people interacting with dangerous and deadly animals is evidence of humanity’s fascination with these wild beasts. Will it ever be possible for man and animals to live together in harmony?

3      Two Trees, Two Houses 1:06:11

In the book of Genesis, God focuses on two very special trees one leading to life and one leading to death. He gives Adam and Eve specific instruction concerning these two trees these two ways of living but the lessons learned then should be applied in our lives today! Every day, whether we recognize it or not, we are making decisions that will decide our final destination. What is at the end of the path YOU are taking?