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December 16

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The Third Commandment

Is Jesus the Reason for the Season?

Chosen Vessels

1      Railroad Tracks

Sometimes we can get so firmly entrenched in bad habits and character flaws that it seems impossible to make a change. How can you get out of those ruts in your life?

2      The Second Commandment 29:00

Charles E. Bryce focuses on the second of God's 10 Commandments. God teaches us HOW to worship Him! The Bible is the word of God in print, and it is very clear on this subject: using a figurine, a statue, pictures or any other object as an aid to worship the True God is IDOLATRY! Nothing or no one should ever come between our personal worship of the Great Creator God!

3      Honor God on the Sabbath 1:16:11

God set apart the seventh day, made it holy and commanded us to keep it holy. When we keep the sabbath day properly, we honor God; and, we ourselves are refreshed and renewed.