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October 19

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A Change of Mind

When the Fog Finally Lifts

1      America the Beautiful, the Hated, the Isolated

The inauguration of President Barack Obama was surrounded by a feeling of hope for a new direction for the United States. Will his presidency see a renewal of American power and prestige? What will determine the course of America’s future?

2      First Things First

“Seek you FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” God commands us in Matthew 6:33. We need to make sure that the Great God, the True Source of life and of all things good, is the top priority in every area of our lives. The Kingdom of God awaits those who make it their primary focus!

3      God's Tabernacle and His People 59:58

With a better understanding of the Tabernacle and it's various parts, many scriptures open up their deep meaning. Pick up your Bible and join Brian Bedlow in this study on God's tabernacle and His people.