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September 14

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Recapture True Values


The Power of a Dream

1      Do You Know the Real Jesus?

The Biblical description of Jesus Christ is very different from what religious art pictures Christ to be. Can false representations of Christ distract us from who He really is?

2      The Tenth Commandment 29:00

Evangelist Charles E. Bryce concludes the series on God's perfect law with the tenth commandment. Coveting is an illicit or illegal desire to GET! It is DESIRING, WANTING that which is off limits! To LUST after what is not rightfully ours!

3      Always Tell the Truth

Most people believe there are different kinds of lies with different degrees of seriousness. Some will tell a “little white lie” without giving their actions a second thought. Is lying really that big of a deal? You might be surprised to find out what your Creator and your Bible have to say about it.