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May 22

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World Government: Who has the Master Plan Today?

The Ninth Commandment

Godly Women of the Bible

1      Be a Contender for the Faith

God’s true church today needs contenders for the faith. Do you have the courage to do the right thing, even if you are alone in doing it?

2      The Seventh Commandment 29:00

In the continuing series on the Ten Commandments, evangelist Charles E. Bryce elaborates on the seventh commandment. This God-mandated law is a guide to a happy marriage, a happy home and a happy family. Any immoral behavior, spousal abuse and life endangerment violates God's law and is sin. The inevitable result is pain, heartache and ultimately tragedy!

3      Mary, Ever Virgin?

Many mainstream Christians take the perpetual virginity of Mary for granted as fact. What is the basis for this belief, and where is it found in the Bible?