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April 18

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Acts - Chapters 9 - 10

What the World Needs Now

Developing Relaxed Faith

1      Peter, the Chief Apostle 1:09:52

Simon Peter, a man of great courage and strength, was used in a tremendous way by God. The Bible has much to say about the role Peter played during and after Jesus Christ's life on earth. How much do you know about this servant of God?

2      Acts - Chapter 8 21:15

In this study of the Book of Acts, one of the most wonderful books of the Bible, we learn about true doctrine and true religion. It reveals to us the Christianity practiced by the Apostles and the early New Testament Church.

3      A Legacy for Life 45:21

Teach our children to respect and obey God. Teach them to do the right thing. That's the legacy that lasts. The legacy for life that leads to lasting happiness and real success