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February 10

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Hazardous Attitudes

Modern Romans Part 2

The Wonderful Gift of Music

1      Italics in the Bible

Why does the Bible contain words that are in italics? The word italic means relating to Italy and was a kind of type used in the Italian states around 1500. Is there a special significance to these words in italics? What purpose do they serve?

2      Modern Romans Part 1 29:00

The basic mistakes leading to the fall of the mighty Roman Empire are being repeated by today's modern Romans. In the first of a series, evangelist Charles E. Bryce explains the effects of the disintegrating traditional family structure.

3      EnviroPig and Frankenfish

Biotechnology is a booming industry, churning out new genetically altered crops and animals each year. Developers herald these genetically modified species as solutions to a hungry planet, while skeptics worry about the long-term effects.