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August 17

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The Eighth Commandment

Legacy of Character

1      Milk of Human Kindness

"Nice guys finish last" is a familiar saying. What price is our society paying for devaluing kindness and compassionate concern for others? Charles E. Bryce tells us what we can do to replace selfishness with kindness.

2      The Sixth Commandment 29:00

Evangelist Charles E. Bryce denounces the culture of escalating violence in society today and the callous disregard for the value of human life. The sixth commandment condemns the heinous crime of murder. Sadly, it is glorified -- even tolerated -- in the video games our children play with, in movies, on TV, in books and in social media networks. God the Giver of Life abhors it!

3      Who is Training Your Children?

Animals have instinct—different species are born knowing a number of different skills immediately. Humans, however, must learn. We collect information and knowledge through our senses and build up a store of skills through experiences. As parents we have an enormous responsibility to actively teach and train our children.