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July 14

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World Government: Who has the Master Plan Today?

Do You Have An Immortal Soul?

Swimming Upstream

1      What Exactly Does the Bible Say? 29:00

Do you know what God's inspired word teaches? Many have simply taken man's word for it! You might be surprised to find out the truth. Join Charles Bryce as he searches out what the Bible really says.

2      Are We Going to Heaven?

The prevailing belief among mainstream Christians is that the faithful will go to heaven when they die. Have you looked into the Bible to see what God says about the reward of the saved, the true followers of God? What you find might shock and surprise you!

3      Christianity in Marriage 29:00

Does your marriage get better with each passing year? It should! Follow these key points and you, too, can get your marriage on the right track and keep it there permanently.