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July 20

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The Fourth Commandment

Staying Positive in a Negative World

1      EnviroPig and Frankenfish

Biotechnology is a booming industry, churning out new genetically altered crops and animals each year. Developers herald these genetically modified species as solutions to a hungry planet, while skeptics worry about the long-term effects.

2      Swimming Upstream

A person who is determined to do the right thing faces intense pressure in life. Any worthwhile endeavor requires effort and tenacity.

3      The Second Commandment 29:00

Charles E. Bryce focuses on the second of God's 10 Commandments. God teaches us HOW to worship Him! The Bible is the word of God in print, and it is very clear on this subject: using a figurine, a statue, pictures or any other object as an aid to worship the True God is IDOLATRY! Nothing or no one should ever come between our personal worship of the Great Creator God!