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April 20

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Searching for Hidden Treasure


1      Asking the Right Questions

History is replete with incredible achievements that occurred because somebody asked the right question. How can we learn to ask the right questions and reap the benefits?

2      The Origins of Easter

Colorful eggs left by a bunny. New clothes, chocolate and a Sunday sunrise service. All of these traditions are part of modern Easter observance. But where did Christianity get these practices? And what do they have to do with Jesus?

3      The Season of Change 1:12:10

God has a plan for all mankind that is laid out in seven steps and pictured by His appointed Holy Days. The Spring Festival season starts off with the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread which picture many important things including a total change and complete renewal. Join Evangelist Charles Bryce to learn what changes Christians should be going through now and how we are to be renewed.