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November 11

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7 Laws of Success - Education & Health

First Things First

Our Pilgrim Journey

1      Who is Training Your Children?

Animals have instinct—different species are born knowing a number of different skills immediately. Humans, however, must learn. We collect information and knowledge through our senses and build up a store of skills through experiences. As parents we have an enormous responsibility to actively teach and train our children.

2      7 Laws of Success - A Right Goal 29:00

Is there a reason why so many people make a failure of life? Just what IS success and how can it be obtained? In this series, Charles Bryce explains the seven existing laws of success & how you can implement them! | Part 1

3      Three Reasons for Daily Bible Study 1:10:15

The Bible is the instruction book of the One Who created us all. Within its pages, are the straightforward answers to the purpose of life. It is our roadmap to happy, abundant and successful lives.