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September 27

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Ecclesiastes - Chapters 9 - 12

Bring Every Thought Into Captivity

Why Christ Came to the Earth

1      Ecclesiastes - Chapters 6 - 8 28:36

This book contains great wisdom, learned by experience. Listen and learn as we go through these very important biblical principles that view life from God's vantage point.

2      Patience's Perfect Work 1:03:48

Do you ever find yourself feeling restless, anxious and aggravated? Having patience will help us to control our emotions and lead a more peaceful and successful life. Join Charles Bryce and learn how you can acquire patience.

3      When Satan Is Bound 57:28

Satan the devil is real. He is that created, extremely powerful, sinister master manipulator whom God will restrain and render totally useless to spread mayhem ever again.