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Always Tell the Truth

Most people believe there are different kinds of lies with different degrees of seriousness. Some will tell a “little white lie” without giving their actions a second thought. Is lying really that big of a deal? You might be surprised to find out what your Creator and your Bible have to say about it. Read more >>

The Beginning of the End of NATO

An anemic response to Europe's escalating dangers is threatening NATO's continued existence. Read more >>

A Bowl of Stew

What decisions will you make when times are tough? Will you compromise on your beliefs? If we continually look forward and toward our greatest goal, our future inheritance, we can be steadfast and unwavering till the end. Read more >>

What is the Stone of Scone?

For centuries the kings of Scotland --- the ancestors of the present royal family --- were crowned upon this coronation stone. So also were the ancient Irish kings, of this same royal family, as far back as five centuries before the birth of Christ. Read more >>