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Italics in the Bible

Why does the Bible contain words that are in italics? The word italic means relating to Italy and was a kind of type used in the Italian states around 1500. Is there a special significance to these words in italics? What purpose do they serve? Read more >>

EnviroPig and Frankenfish

Biotechnology is a booming industry, churning out new genetically altered crops and animals each year. Developers herald these genetically modified species as solutions to a hungry planet, while skeptics worry about the long-term effects. Read more >>

First Things First

“Seek you FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” God commands us in Matthew 6:33. We need to make sure that the Great God, the True Source of life and of all things good, is the top priority in every area of our lives. The Kingdom of God awaits those who make it their primary focus! Read more >>

How Old Are You?

Last week at the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Dara Torres set a personal best, and an American record, in the 50 meter freestyle event. At 41, twice as old of many of her competitors, she is not letting age slow her down. Are you? Read more >>