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Words Are Just Words, Right?

Profanity and vulgar speech used to be shocking. There was a time when the use of such words marked a person as unfit for respectable society, but words that would make your grandfather blush are now commonly spoken and accepted in the mainstream media by both men and women, young and old. Which standard should we follow? Read more >>

Godly Women of the Bible

Mary and Martha were personal friends of Jesus Christ and His disciples. Their interactions with Him provide an interesting perspective on how He related to His followers. Read more >>

Is Hell Real?

The concept of hell as a place of everlasting torture is not Biblical. Do you know where it originated? Do you know what the Bible says? Read more >>

Can Man Create Life?

In 2010, news outlets buzzed with stories of life being created in a series of laboratory experiments. What really happened? Did man create life? Read more >>