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America the Beautiful, the Hated, the Isolated

The inauguration of President Donald Trump rekindled American exceptionalism. Will his presidency see a renewal of American power and prestige? What will determine the course of America’s future? Read more >>

What is the Stone of Scone?

For centuries the kings of Scotland --- the ancestors of the present royal family --- were crowned upon this coronation stone. So also were the ancient Irish kings, of this same royal family, as far back as five centuries before the birth of Christ. Read more >>

Practicing Hadassah Loyalty

Hadassah displayed the essential character trait of unwavering loyalty. Who was Hasaddah, and how did she exemplify this key quality of true loyalty? Read more >>

Who is Training Your Children?

Animals have instinct—different species are born knowing a number of different skills immediately. Humans, however, must learn. We collect information and knowledge through our senses and build up a store of skills through experiences. As parents we have an enormous responsibility to actively teach and train our children. Read more >>