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Who Is Jacob? Part 1

There is one biblical personality, historically proven, whose legacy continues to influence the lives of billions of people all over the world today. That person is Jacob. Read more >>

Mind Your Manners

What is the point of good manners and how important is it for a Christian to practice them? Many people think proper etiquette and good manners are old fashioned and a thing of the past but what does the Bible say? Read more >>

Once Saved, Always Saved?

Is salvation a feeling, a moment of “accepting Christ”? Or is there more a Christian has to do? Can salvation be gained and then lost? Read more >>

When the Fog Finally Lifts

Coming to a realization of what really counts in life produces tremendous peace of mind and genuine hope! From God's Word, Charles E. Bryce lays out the guiding principles to productive, abundant living! Read more >>