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The Legacy of Mr and Mrs Herbert W Armstrong

Herbert Armstrong met with various heads of state as an ambassador for world peace. Together with his wife Loma, they have left us with an enduring legacy of steadfast commitment to and unswerving tenacity for God's truth. Listen >>

Seven Seals of Revelation - Part 2

The Revelation of Jesus Christ speaks of seven mysterious seals. What do they mean? Do they have anything to do with us today? Listen >>

God Is Stirring Up His People

There has been a recent re-awakening taking place among the people of God. History shows us that this is not the first time such a rallying for God's truth has occurred. Find out what wonderful lessons you can learn from those recorded examples. Listen >>

James - Chapter 3

The apostle James was the half brother of Jesus Christ who had much to say about Christian principles, sound doctrine and much more that applies to all of us today! Listen >>