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The Season of Change

God has a plan for all mankind that is laid out in seven steps and pictured by His appointed Holy Days. The Spring Festival season starts off with the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread which picture many important things – including a total change and complete renewal. Join Evangelist Charles Bryce to learn what changes Christians should be going through now and how we are to be renewed. Listen >>

How Important Is Repentance?

What is real repentance? Is coming forth and declaring the acceptance of Christ into your heart all that is necessary for salvation and true repentance? Pick up your Bible and join John Harbison to search out the answer. Listen >>

Between the Two Creations

The Bible reveals that God is the Great Designer of the entire creation! There is a purpose for ALL that He does! Follow evangelist Charles E. Bryce as he goes through the Bible and discover the incredibly marvelous and awesome inheritance God has planned for all of mankind! Listen >>