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The Faith that Comes from God

Faith is a gift from God. We cannot work it up on our own. To really please Him, we must have active, dynamic faith which can only come from God. Listen >>

The Second Commandment

Charles E. Bryce focuses on the second of God's 10 Commandments. God teaches us HOW to worship Him! The Bible is the word of God in print, and it is very clear on this subject: using a figurine, a statue, pictures or any other object as an aid to worship the True God is IDOLATRY! Nothing or no one should ever come between our personal worship of the Great Creator God! Listen >>

The First Commandment

Every human being who wants to obey God, every Christian who seriously desires to live God's way of life must worship only the ONE, TRUE GOD! How important is God to us today? Is He number 1 in our lives? Or have we allowed materialistic pursuits to occupy the top priority in our lives? Anything, anyone we put before God is idolatry! Listen >>