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Christmas and the Bible

Families all over the world have spent countless hours preparing for what they assume to be a Christian festival honoring Jesus Christ but where did this religious observance actually come from? Listen >>

What Is Sin?

Is telling a lie the same as stealing or committing adultery? Many people think it depends on the circumstances or situation they're in. Can society and culture define sin? Join Charles Bryce and search your Bible to find the answer. Listen >>

Was Satan Created?

What is Satan, where did he come from and what is he doing now? Many believe he is a goat-like creature with horns and cloven hooves who resides in an underground fiery hell where he torments his victims day and night. But is this what scripture tells us? Join Charles Bryce and follow along in your own Bible to find out exactly who and what "that great dragon, the serpent of old" really is. Listen >>