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The quality of perseverance is evident in that individual who sets his resolve with dogged tenacity and determination then says “I will not quit” despite all the handicaps, barriers and obstructions! Listen >>

They Didn't Get It

The Israelites were brought out of the land of Egypt and given a wonderful opportunity to enter the Promised Land. They left Egypt rejoicing but soon had a change of heart. Find out what went wrong and consider what you would do if given the same opportunity. Listen >>

The Season of Change

God has a plan for all mankind that is laid out in seven steps and pictured by His appointed Holy Days. The Spring Festival season starts off with the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread which picture many important things – including a total change and complete renewal. Join Evangelist Charles Bryce to learn what changes Christians should be going through now and how we are to be renewed. Listen >>