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Modern Romans - Part 4

History vividly records what happened to ancient Rome -- a Rome obsessed with the pursuit of money, leisure, pleasure and thrills. In the 4th installment of this series, Charles E. Bryce explains where we as a nation are inevitably headed in our unbridled passion for pleasure! Listen >>

Searching for Hidden Treasure

Recent advancements such as satellite imaging and remotely operated vehicles now allow treasure hunters access to some of the most remote areas of the earth. Many seek after ancient golden artifacts or sunken Spanish treasure ships. But there is a hidden treasure infinitely more valuable than these. Listen >>

Look Forward to the Kingdom

Do you spend your time reliving the past or pass the hours dreaming about the future? There are benefits and pitfalls to both approaches. How do we find the proper balance between looking back and looking forward, so the experience will be fruitful and edifying? Listen >>