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The Pearl of Great Price

Large, perfectly shaped quality pearls found in their natural environment are extremely rare and seldom obtained. If you found one of these jewels, you would possess a rare treasure a valuable prize. What biblical lessons can we learn from this pearl of great price? Listen >>

Modern Romans - Part 8

In this final segment of the Modern Romans, Charles Bryce enumerates specific Bible scriptures that prophesy the rise and fall of powerful, world-ruling empires! What can Rome's experience teach us? Will the United States suffer the same tragic end that the Roman Empire did? Listen >>

Modern Romans - Part 4

History vividly records what happened to ancient Rome -- a Rome obsessed with the pursuit of money, leisure, pleasure and thrills. In the 4th installment of this series, Charles E. Bryce explains where we as a nation are inevitably headed in our unbridled passion for pleasure! Listen >>