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The Family That Shares

Sharing life fully in your family will create a more rewarding environment. You can improve your family relationships and build a stronger family today! Listen >>

The Tenth Commandment

Evangelist Charles E. Bryce concludes the series on God's perfect law with the tenth commandment. Coveting is an illicit or illegal desire to GET! It is DESIRING, WANTING that which is off limits! To LUST after what is not rightfully ours! Listen >>

The Seventh Commandment

In the continuing series on the Ten Commandments, evangelist Charles E. Bryce elaborates on the seventh commandment. This God-mandated law is a guide to a happy marriage, a happy home and a happy family. Any immoral behavior, spousal abuse and life endangerment violates God's law and is sin. The inevitable result is pain, heartache and ultimately tragedy! Listen >>